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Sports Injuries And Performance

While it is essential to keep active for increased health, vitality and quality of life, sometimes our bodies need a bit of help to enjoy the fruits of our efforts. We can assist with any injuries that crop up along the way and help you plan and implement the best exercise strategy for you.

Respiratory Illness

Physiotherapy is used to optimise lung function in acute and chronic lung conditions. This involves helping you to clear mucous effectively and optimise oxygen levels within your body. We also work with the cardiorespiratory system through exercise to allow your heart and lungs to function at a level that you need to decrease your risk of other related illnesses and increase your functioning and quality of life.

Paediatric Chests​

Little ones are vulnerable to the many pathogens that co-exist around us, even those that don’t effect us as adults. Physiotherapy is useful to help your little one when they are sick, to loosen phlegm and optimise mucous clearance, helping them breathe better, and therefore eat and sleep better, improving their recovery and preventing secondary infections.

Work Related Pain & Ergonomics

Our bodies are designed to move to be healthy and cope with high stress, yet our lifestyle often limits our ability to do that. This can result in joint, muscle and stress related pain. We can help treat your pain, and help you implement the changes you need to thrive within your busy schedule by addressing ergonomics, strategies to get you moving despite your schedule and managing stress effectively.

Pain​ Relief

Pain can be draining, affecting many aspects of your life. Physiotherapy can assist you with treating many kinds of acute and chronic pain originating from the muscles, joints or spine. We also work within the multidisciplinary team in treating and managing chronic pain optimally, so that you can live life to the fullest.

Postoperative Care

We work closely with several doctors in the Sandton Mediclinic managing both orthopaedic and women’s health patients as they recover from surgery. We also assist outpatients, working in collaboration with whoever your surgeon is to assist in recovery after many surgeries including joint replacements, arthroscopies, spinal surgeries, ligament repairs, obstetric and gynecological surgeries and many more.

Women's Health​

This is a specialised field of physiotherapy that deals with many issues unique to women.. We treat many pre-natal and post-natal conditions and make use of exercise, manual techniques as well as laser therapy  and ultrasound. We also treat conditions related to the pelvic organs including urinary incontinence, pelvic pain and sexual dysfunctions. We also assist postoperatively with many complicated gynecological surgeries.

Animal Physiotherapy

While we do not treat your furry family members at our Sandton & Randpark practices, we do have a physiotherapist who can assist you with your animals’ musculoskeletal pain and injuries.